Social Media Policy

■ Social Media Accounts

TOKYU THEATRE Orb Official Twitter @theatre_orb
TOKYU THEATRE Orb Official Facebook www.facebook.com/theatreorb

■ Objectives

We use social media in order to deliver up-to-date information on Bunkamura's facilities, performances, exhibitions, movies and events, as well as on performances at TOKYU THEATRE Orb, as widely as possible.

■ Content

  • Mainly, Information on performances hosted/co-hosted by Bunkamura (ticket information, media appearances, related information, etc.), and rehearsal/backstage sneak previews
  • Notifications of updates to and other news about the TOKYU THEATRE Orb website

■ About follows and retweets

As a general rule, we do not follow other users or retweet other tweets, but we follow accounts affiliated with associated establishments and events, and retweet related tweets where necessary.

■ About replies

We do not respond to individual replies and direct messages. Please send us your questions via telephone, or use the inquiry form on our website.

■ Disclaimer

The information distributed through these social media accounts does not necessarily reflect the official position of the Company, which is released through press releases and on the company website.
Please note that the Company does not bear any responsibility for any loss of, or harm caused to, life, limb or property that may result from users relying on information distributed through these social media accounts.
We reserve the right to amend the above policy and our social media management procedures and to suspend or delete any of these social media accounts without notice.

■ Management accountability

Tokyu Bunkamura, Inc., Public Relations Office